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    Who We Are

    What started as a simple goodwill-vision of a handful of people has grown into a thriving and competitive institution with the same goals at heart.  Founded in February of 1941 by the employees of Morton Salt Inc. in Hutchinson Kansas, Morton Credit Union still exists for one reason. . . to provide affordable financial solutions to everyday working people.  We provide timeless advice and workable solutions so we can help you.

    No, We're Not A Bank!

    We know that consumers often refer to the place they do financial business as "bank" but there's actually a pretty big difference between a credit union and a bank.  The biggest difference is that our members actually "own" us.  They are member/owners, not customers.  This means that they have a say in how our credit union is run.  Unlike banks that have paid stockholders, our members elect a volunteer Board of Directors that represent the voice of the membership.  What does this mean for you?  Since we don't have paid stockholders, we return our earnings directly to our members in the form of lower loan rates and lower fees - a direct benefit to you, the owner.


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